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10 Red Hot Pie Ideas For Successful Adult Dating we think has got to be the best online adult dating site for Aussies with a whopping 2 million members, and whenever we go online there are at least 2,000 other members online.

Redhotpie has some unique features which really should be checked out, and will increase your chances of finding that perfect adult date, whether you are looking for casual sex, sex personals or a bit of saucy chat.

# 1) Choose Your Community Well
Redhotpie is divided into two communities: ‘dating’ and ‘uncut’. The descriptions are pretty clear so if you’re looking for a long term relationship stick with dating or if you’re looking for a bit more adult
dating craziness then choose ‘uncut’. The dating section redirects you to (redhotpie’s sister site). We actually have a profile in both communities as there’s always a bit of a crossover, and more members to choose from.

# 2) Who’s been snooping?
Redhotpie allows you to see who has viewed your dating profile, which means there is already a level of interest! Always take the time to follow up with people, strike up a conversation and ask them why your profile interested them. Even if you don’t get a match, you’ll get an idea of what’s appealing to members.

# 3) Photo – Photo – Photo
As clearly stated by RedHotPie adult dating is 10 times more successful with a profile pic. You don’t need to show your face, just start with some of your lovely assets, or an arty crop of your face. Guys, you don’t have to show a pic of your love stick (unless it is what defines you!), depending on the female member, they will appreciate something different – try an interesting crop or a sexy photo of your 6 pack.

# 4) Visit Often!
This is a nifty trick. RedHotPie’s default search is by ‘last visit’ so if you visit at least once per day, you will ensure that your profile is ‘fresh’ and always toward the top of the search results – coupled
with point 6 below and you’ll be in front of all the sexy women/men visiting Redhotpie. Even if you aren’t being active on the site, get into the habit of logging in every day.

# 5) Get Prioritised
Research has shown that the adult dating profiles at the top of the search results get the most interaction, just like the sites at the top of Google. If you are serious about adult dating, then use
RedHotPie’s Platinum package, even if its just for a month to get prioritised and get some activity. You should consider this if you’ve had a profile for a while but no luck as yet.

# 6) Keep Them Wanting
Use the ‘private gallery’ feature to hold your more sexy and sensuous photos, and then invite members individually to your private gallery once you’ve started chatting – works a treat!

# 7) Check For An Event
Redhotpie’s event page has listings of single events, swingers parties and even just social networking nights all across Australia. Adult dating in the physical world is realised through events – so check them out.

Red Hot Pie 

# 8) Build That Profile
Redhotpie has a great unique service called the ‘Profile Builder’ which allows you to build your dating profile quickly as we know its often the hardest thing to complete when setting up at Red Hot Pie.
Simply choose from the list of pre-defined answers describing your personality, looks and interests. The main thing is that is covers all the right aspects of a good profile and gives you a base to customise. This is the most important part of being successful with RedhotPie, building a profile that will stand out from the 1,000s of others.

# 9) Get Texting
Redhotpie’s SMS integration works nicely whereby Platinum/PremiumPLUS members can actually text you – meaning immediate response and immediate dates! Other members can send flirts if you enter your mobile number.

# 10) Book A Date
Now for the killer Redhotpie dating feature the ‘DateFinder’. Simply enter the date you’re available, who you want to meet, what State you come from, and save your date. You can also enter a little summary of what you’re looking for e.g. “looking for a happy, respectful playmate for some fun”. Other members can now see your ‘date’. Alternatively click “Find a Date”, enter some filters and members who have entered corresponding will appear. Its like express adult dating! You’ll be amazed at how quickly DateFinder works.

So that’s our 10 top tips for being successful on Redhotpie.

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