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There are many people now online looking for love and friendship. Online dating sites like RedHotPie offer a good opportunity for them to find someone. How can these services help you? What should you be looking for when checking them out?

Your purpose:

Firstly remember that you are looking for a relationship, either casual or deep. These services are designed to bring all sorts of people together.


There is usually more than one way to communicate with another member. The most common are; email, messenger and chat rooms. Free online dating sites usually offer these basic methods of communication. Paid services can sometimes restrict communication when you are on the trial run and when you decide to pay a membership fee will offer these communication services with more features like uploading videos etc.

Email is a good way to find out about attractive singles. It is usually the first line of communication. When someone looks at your profile they will then make the decision to respond by email to you. When you have written a few emails to each other you may then want to use the messenger system for more open communication. This will make communication much easier and less formal.

The messenger system can be set up easily. You can contact your recipient any time you want, sometimes you can share pictures, which is always fun. You need to be careful that the site you use has a special area for explicit and X rated photos and material, as these attract a very different crowd. They are often termed as adult singles.

Chat rooms are a little different. You can encounter more than one person here and these places attract many different types of people. Sometimes they are monitored but this does not always protect you. It is important to be very careful using this form of communication and not give out any personal details. Many people do not even use their real names here but rely on “handles” or nicknames. It is often a good idea to stick with messengers and email as a safer form of communication.

Location searches:

Another type of feature you may want to look for is finding local singles. When you do this you can locate and meet people in your area like RedHotPie in Australia. Here you will need to take some precautions before meeting them face to face. Try to get to know them as much as you can before accepting an actual date.

When you actually decide to go on a date there are some things to consider:

Be sure the place you select is a public one where there will be a certain amount of people.

Go with a friend if you are a woman

Be sure to let your friends or family members know where you are going and what time you should be back home.

Give a trusted friend or family member your phone number, where you can be contacted. Cell phones are ideal for this.

When you do this you will enjoy meeting local singles without being fearful of the consequences.

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