How to Become the Most Interesting Conversationalist Around

Are you intimidated by the thought of trying to carry on a conversation, and even more afraid of being seen as boring or unoriginal?

Have you ever frozen up in the middle of a conversation, not knowing what to say next?

Do you feel that no one is listening to you when you’re speaking to them?

If you can identify with any of the above statements, keep reading, as becoming an interesting conversationalist is extremely easy.

No, you don’t have to have anything interesting to say, you don’t have to be funny or the life of the party, and you don’t have to be extremely outgoing (although all of those things can help).

Even if you can’t initiate a conversation very well, if you can ask someone the right questions, you’ll become known as one of the best and most interesting conversationalists around.

Well then, if all that’s involved is being able to ask the right questions, it begs the very important question, “What are the right questions to ask?”

Glad you asked.

People absolutely love to talk about themselves, and therein lies the key to becoming an interesting conversationalist – learning to ask people questions about themselves.

After all, it’s a subject that they enjoy talking about and find interesting.

So all you need to do to carry on a great conversation that will be interesting for them is to ask them questions about themselves.

That will always get the ball rolling as far as conversation is concerned. Even if your introduction or the transition from your introduction into the conversation was a little awkward, they will absolutely love you for showing an interest in them, and giving them an opportunity to talk about themselves.

As you ask them questions about themselves, be on the lookout for any common interests that you may have with them, as this will open up an conversation that is of interest and a lot more relaxed and personal for both of you.

Asking them questions about themselves, their work, their kids, or their lives in general (be sure not to get too personal) will leave them thinking that you are the most interesting person in the world.

Once your conversation with them is finished, they will walk away with a great impression of you and will be looking forward to the next conversation the two of you will have.

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