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This Dating Site Is Red Hot

Quality Aussie Dating Website

Redhotpie... join for free!!!

FANTASTIC – is just one of the words that comes to mind when describing all the incredible services Redhotpie has to offer there thousands of horny male and female members.
They have set the standards by which all other Dating Sites in Australia will be judged. No other Photo Personals website in Australia to-day offers so many exciting and unique services to there thousands of valued members.

Redhotpie is absolutely HOT!!!… and 100% free to join. Here’s a few of the many great reasons why you should check out this fantastic Singles dating website…

  • Web Cams – view and meet other members online.
  • Forums – discuss interesting subjects and share opinions.
  • The Lounge – you will hang around here a lot!!!.
  • Lifestyles – exciting feature articles for your enjoyment.
  • Amateur Pics – post your naughty pictures here.
  • Gallery – huge database of members photographs.

And remember that Redhotpie is 100% free to join… so what are you waiting for??? All you have to do is click on the link below and check them out yourself. The website has no pop-ups or annoying hidden spyware to try and get your email address. So click on the link and enjoy…

Click here to visit Redhotpie

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Image upload problem with WordPress today

Have been trying to upload a few images to my Blog to-day… without much success. Not too sure what the problem is but hope to have it sorted out soon. Can make a text post OK, but just cant upload images. Will have a look at the Wordpress forum and see what they have to say.

Sorted out the problem and now can upload images. It was a small problem with the admin panel that displayed the wrong upload folder. Changed it back to the correct location and now everything works fine.

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Cyber Sex In Chat Rooms

Most Internet users have visited chat rooms. Probably all have received unwanted messages from other chat room users asking if they want ‘cyber’. For the innocent, cyber is code for virtual internet sex.

Below is part of a conversation between two chat room users I came across recently…

NaughtyNurse : Hi, are you a real Fireman?

FiremanSam : I’m as real as Pamela Anderson’s boobs. Are you a real nurse?

NaughtyNurse : sure I am

FiremanSam : lol

NaughtyNurse : fancy typing with your left hand for a few minutes?

FiremanSam : Pardon?

NaughtyNurse : want to caress the salami you fuckwit?

FiremanSam : Go away, you wretched woman. I don’t cyber – that’s for sad losers with large boils on their bums.

NaughtyNurse : I’m sweating, let me just loosen my blouse a little…that’s better

FiremanSam : I’ll tell the room.

NaughtyNurse : squeal like Ned Beatty in Deliverance if you want, no one will believe you

FiremanSam : They believed me when I squealed on CyberGirl4U.

NaughtyNurse : cybergirl hates your fag ass, no one believed that shit

FiremanSam : They did. I’m very well respected.

NaughtyNurse : it’s really hot, let me just pop these melons out for some cool air

FiremanSam : I bet they’re smelly…sort of like toasted cheese?

NaughtyNurse : do you like woman smells?

FiremanSam : No. They scare me… remind me of when I was 9 and kissed my grandma… and she slipped me the tongue…I cried.

NaughtyNurse :

FiremanSam : NO!

NaughtyNurse : did you not like that?

FiremanSam : Stop that!

NaughtyNurse : whoops, my panties just slipped around my ankles

FiremanSam : Did they?

NaughtyNurse : yes, ah that breeze is cool

FiremanSam : Are your panties dirty?

NaughtyNurse : do you want them to be?

FiremanSam : Yes.

NaughtyNurse : they’re filthy, my husband makes me wear them for weeks at a time

FiremanSam :

NaughtyNurse :

FiremanSam :

FiremanSam : I can’t see what you are typing now.

NaughtyNurse : well, take them off the monitor

FiremanSam : Okay, that’s better.

NaughtyNurse : where did you put my panties?

FiremanSam : I put them over on the sofa on top of some plastic. They reek of dried pig shit crusts steeped in industrial ammonia and then sprayed with elephant repellent. But I can still see them from here, and smell them.

NaughtyNurse : emm, ok

NaughtyNurse : you aren’t too good at this cybering thing, are you!

FiremanSam : How dare you! I’m brilliant at everything I do. You wretched female!

NaughtyNurse : women disgust you, don’t they?

FiremanSam : No. I love women, except my ex-wife… the heartless bitch… and Jill that slut who stomped on my heart…and Alison who cheated on me…and Mary who gave me a particularly nasty STD…and grandma…and…

NaughtyNurse : yeah, yeah…you’re just a repressed fag

FiremanSam : …and Julia who ate my… pardon? What did you just call me?

NaughtyNurse : oh fuck off you loser, go rent a Tom Selleck movie and compare moustaches

FiremanSam : Bitch! Slut! Vile Temptress! Harlot! Jezebel! Whore of Babylon!

NaughtyNurse has left the conversation.

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Removed the chat room

Decided to remove the Chat Box from the right-hand sidebar to-day. Was having too many problems with spam bots posting hundreds of spam messages to it, not to mention the occasional idiot that dropped by to say something rude or stupid.

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