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Campbelltown Crime Spree

Ingleburn Postoffice

The other day I blogged about a bunch of gutless thugs who robbed my local hotel at Minto. Now, less than a week later Ingleburn and Minto cop it again… twice in one day!!!

The first robbery took place at midday yesterday when three men brandishing firearms chose the Ingleburn post office as there target. They threatened the shop assistant and demanded all of the cash.

The robbers were reported to be wearing helmets over there their faces to avoid being recognised, and escaped on motorbikes. Nobody was hurt during the daylight robbery. Police did confirm that one witness was treated for shock.

Minto Liquorland

Robbery number two took place a few kilometers down the road about eight hours later. A couple of employee’s at Liquorland on Brookfield Road, Minto, suffered a terrifying ordeal when two arsehole thugs forced their way in through the back of the bottleshop just after 9pm, as the store was getting ready to close-up for the night.

The offenders, also wearing motocross-style helmets and armed with a gun and machete, threatened to assault the male and female attendants unless they opened the store safe. They made there getaway with a small amount of cash and cigarettes.

A police spokesman said: "It would appear that the raids are unrelated but it is too early to discount anything. We are keen to speak to anyone who may have seen people acting suspiciously around any of the premises."

Minto Mall is located right next door to the Minto Housing Estate Slums where unemployment, robbery and wife bashing are considered family traditions handed down from father to son.

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Finding Blog Topics

Where do I go from hereā€¦

My Aussie Blog Needs Direction

A bloggers nightmare :
There comes a day when every webmaster who has a blog wakes up in the morning and thinks to themselves… what am I going to blog about to-day.

Thats when you need to decide on the direction you want your blog to follow. But it aint easy I tell you. Especially when you need to remember that your blog has to make money in order to survive.

I have read lots of different websites that offer all sorts of advice on why you should keep your Blog focused on a specific topic. Good advice if you happen to have a passion on a subject you love to talk about… and people want to read about.

Problem for me is that all my passions are not worth writing about, unless I want to bore everyone to death. But I must admit that there are a few topics that get my interest.

So what I’m going to do is list all the topics I enjoy, then see if that list will help to give me some direction as to what My Aussie Blog should cover.

  • Sex… always love taking about sex.
  • Porn… have to face it, I love looking at a good porn movie.
  • Dating… one of my favourite subjects when chatting with friends.
  • Sport… Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi! Oi! Oi!
  • Clothes… love to get dressed up when I go out.
  • Travel… next stop the USA.
  • Dancing… do it for a living because I love it.
  • Local news… always like to read the newspapers.
  • Computers… I’m not a geek but I do like surfing the net.
  • Music… turn up the volume!!!
  • Cars… sporty and red.

Pretty sure that I can find a few articles to write about each day from the above list. The secret will be to do it and at the same time be able to get visitors to My Aussie Blog interested in buying or joining some of my Affiliates that I advertise. Thats the next step.

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Cronulla Beach This Way

Was out to-day doing a few shows when I drove past this sign in Oxford street Bankstown that made me have a bit of a laugh. Must have been done to help the local Lebanese find there way to the beach. Personally I’m glad that all that male bonding foolishness before Christmas is over.

Bankstown Street Sign
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Heatwave Hits Sydney

Hottest day on record…

Bondi Beach New Years Day

Sydney Burns:
The city’s hottest New Year’s Day on record sparked bushfires, caused suburban power blackouts and shut down several train lines in and around Sydney on New Years Day.

Sydney reached a sweltering high of 44.2 degrees at 4.30pm , the Bureau of Meteorology reported.

The maximum state temperature recorded was a scorching 47 degrees at Ivanhoe at 3pm, while the minimum was 25 degrees at Thredbo at 6am.

Crowds flocked to city beaches and swimming pools as holidaymakers sought respite from the record breaking big heat. And there was not even a hint of the racial tension that has plagued Sydney beaches the last few months.

Sydney Bushfires

Firefighters are bracing for a long, hot night, as searing temperatures and gusting winds fanning blazes that have destroyed homes and vehicles on the state’s Central Coast.

A total of 44 fires were burning across NSW, a fire service spokesman said. Crews are battling six bushfires at Alison Point, Mount White and Woy Woy, with flames of up to 30 metres threatening scores of homes.

A CityRail spokeswoman said the heat had caused major service delays, with a number of power faults in overhead wiring on city and regional lines.

Train drivers were also required to drive 10km slower than usual to prevent heat-related track faults.

Bushfires on the state’s Central Coast had also forced closure of the rail line between Gosford and Cowan, she said.

A spokeswoman for Energy Australia said the power supplier had received its highest ever demand for assistance on a weekend.

On the Central Coast, about 2,500 customers had been affected with blackouts.

She said at one point there were about five high-voltage feeders without power because of the bushfires and they were being progressively restored.

Roads and Traffic Authority spokesman said the F3 Freeway, which was closed at Mount White because of fires, had been opened in both directions about 6.30pm Sunday.

St Vincent’s Hospital spokesman David Faktor said the hot weather combined with alcohol had resulted in many people being treated.

Sydney Surf lifesaving spokesman Stephen Laehy said it had been a busy day for the city’s beaches.

"All beaches were definitely busy, no doubt about that," Mr Laehy said.
"It was a really good crowd … quite a few people suffering a hangover, but generally everyone was well-behaved and we certainly didn’t have any major problems."

Just reading about it is enough to make me feel hot, must be time for a beer… :)

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James Packer Boss

James Packer

Way to go James :
The web is full of stories at the moment about james Packer, son of the late great Kerry Packer.
Only time will tell if he has the desire to take control of his late fathers business empire.
If he were to ask me for advice, I’d say take the money and run. I’m sure he could afford to buy a nice little Country located in the sun somewhere and retire to a life of stress free living.

Maybe though with his obvious business skills he would be better off waiting a few years and aim for something bigger… like Australia.

It would seem that even in just a few days at the top of the Packer ladder James has been able to increase the size of his families fortune buy the odd few billion dollars. Saw this quote in the ABC Online website on Tuesday 27th December…

Mr Packer’s personal wealth was recently estimated at $7 billion.

Then today I noticed this article on the 29th December via the website

JAMES Packer opened a new era at his family’s $11 billion empire yesterday with a commitment to use the television and magazine assets of his late father to power new media businesses.

Now I may not be that good at maths ( I do know what a 69’er is :) ) but it would seem that James is now worth 4 Billion dollars more than when dad was around telling everyone about his near death experience by yelling…

“there’s nothing on the other fucking side”

Way to go James… I hope you do well.

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