Balancing Work And Romance

Today were going to look at balancing work and romance. Love can bloom in any place, even in the places that we do not expect it to grow. It is not impossible that this thing called love can grow even in the workplace. Yes, workplace,officemate. it is believed to be one of the best venue to fine a partner that can be with you for a lifetime. Since you are working together, you have a the chance to know her inside and out. However, things are not that easy as that.

Most of the time, when a male co-worker brings a present to you, surely, that will be a big issue in the entire office. There could be a huge negative consequence that could be brought out of the romance you choose to have. It is essential to understand however that there are some reasons why romance is not allowed in the company or office. So be sure that you are fully aware of the rules and regulations imposed by your company because this can lead you to termination.

Romance at work will affect greatly to employees’ decision making. Usually team effort are affected by this, especially when personal life is injected to office works.

Another scenario is that for couples, supposing one gets the promotion? Of course, they are lover, but having a promotion is another story. There always be,of course an ‘ego’ thing prevail on that.

Another thing that could be an issue is reassignment. When there is an intimate relationship between 2 employees, the company usually reassign the one to overcome assumed affects which may not good for the company. If the reassignment does not favor for such a relationship, it will diminish their working performance and thus, affect the entire production.

When a couple is always together, this will also significantly affect the team tasks where they are delegated to join with. With that, other co-workers will be affected also and perhaps, intimidated.

Though, there are negative effects, there are also positive things that happen about romance at work. First, you can meet a partner that can fully understand you and your mood changes because she is always with you. Remember that you share everything in the working environment.

When you are just on the courting and dating stage, you have to make sure that do it discreetly as you could without instigating some probable gossips that may affect you as involved individuals. Remember always, as professional, you have to know show to put a boundary between your working career and private life so that neither of the two will be compromised.

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